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The 2024 elections have high stakes. In a world of escalating conflict, rising inequality, racial injustice, disinformation, and anti-democratic forces, all amid an ever-worsening climate crisis, a lot is on the line. FCNL focuses on policy change in Washington and no matter what happens at the polls, our work will continue.

Yet, elections are our greatest chance to participate in democracy and to organize and build power. Friends acknowledge the indispensable role of government in safeguarding the integrity of our society and the essential dignity of every human being. Citizens have the responsibility to participate vigorously in making government more responsive, open, and accountable.We encourage everyone to engage candidates, mobilize people to vote, volunteer to support access to the ballot, and help ensure a fair and peaceful election.

With so much uncertainty and fear this year, the faith voice and a faith presence in these elections is more important than ever. 

FCNL Building with a Vote Sign

Engage Candidates Now!

FCNL aims to engage candidates running for re-election and challengers across various states and districts. This is vital for building early relationships with community leaders and aligns with our bipartisan approach to influencing policy change.

Check out a story about members of one Advocacy Team engaging with a candidate in the 2016 election.

We recognize the significant influence these individuals have in our communities and the importance of connecting with them, regardless of election outcomes.

Learn why everyone should get involved

Download FCNL’s Candidate Leave Behind

How we can engage in the 2024 election

In a dynamic call, together with FCNL’s Bridget Moix, Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner and Rev. Adam Taylor talked about the work of Faiths United to Save Democracy. LaVida Davis, FCNL director of strategic advocacy, explained how we can plug in to the 2024 elections.

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Make a Plan to Vote, Early if Possible

Celina Tijerina, 2018 Arkansas Advocacy Corps Organizer, with "I Voted sticker"

Take advantage of the early voting that is permitted in many states.

Don’t assume your family, friends, and neighbors will vote. Particularly given efforts to suppress voter turnout, your personal outreach to help others cast their ballots is tremendously important.

The government has a site where you can register to vote, change your voter registration,  and get information on congressional, state, and local elections.