Sitara Nath

Portland, Oregon Advocacy Corps Organizer


Sitara Nath was raised in Olympia, Washington and is currently a sophomore at the University of Portland. She is double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science with a focus on public policy and minoring in Social Justice.

Sitara is a proud first-generation American with strong ties to her Indian culture and heritage. Although she maintains these rich Indian roots, she was also raised in a tight-knit Hispanic community where she witnessed even more difficult struggles which undocumented workers face in the U.S. today. In a political context, Sitara is currently interning for the Washington State Governor’s Leadership Academy. In her work for Governor Inslee, she is particularly focused on addressing concerns of constituents all over Washington and the nation. She was also a delegate in the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucuses in which she found further inspiration to voice her concerns on criminal justice issues, racial profiling, and immigration reform. With regards to immigration reform, she wants to focus on making the path towards citizenship more easily accessible and simply, more possible. She also wants to focus on the exploitation of undocumented individuals in the workforce and the inhumane treatment of immigrants in deportation centers. She hopes that with the support and guidance of FCNL, she will be able to spark a movement that is much needed in our country.