Rebecca Harris

Program Assistant for Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris works closely with Legislative Representative Yasmine Taeb on issues including the Syrian refugee situation, the United States’ “War on Terror,” military use of lethal drones, and the closure of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. As Program Assistant, she conducts research, meets with congressional staff, and drafts letters and other materials.

Rebecca joined FCNL in August, 2016. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies and Economics from Brown University, where she wrote her honors thesis on Syrian refugees’ integration into the Jordanian labor force.

She is originally from Boston, MA, and loves handwritten letters, group exercise classes, and breakfast.

Articles by Rebecca Harris

Statement FCNL Opposes House Anti-Refugee Legislation 

Based on our commitment to honoring human dignity and assisting those experiencing hardship, FCNL opposes H.R. 2826 and all other policy proposals that would undermine refugee resettlement.

Statement FCNL Welcomes 9th Circuit Decision Upholding Block of Muslim and Refugee Ban 

As an organization committed to making the United States a more open, welcoming place, FCNL is heartened by the 9th Circuit's decision to maintain the block of President Trump's executive order barring refugees and individuals from six Muslim-majority countries.

Advocacy Resource What Will You Do for World Refugee Day? 

In the weeks leading up to June 20th, recognized internationally as World Refugee Day, we are calling on local comunities to voice their support for refugees. Towards that end, we have compiled a set of resources to help you find local events, post about refugee issues on social media, and tell your members of Congress that our communities welcome people in need.

Update Yasmine Taeb Discusses Pro-Refugee Advocacy at ECDC Conference 

On a panel at the Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.'s annual conference, FCNL Lobbyist on Human Rights and Civil Liberties Yasmine Taeb emphasized the importance of bipartisanship and grassroots, community-based advocacy on behalf of refugees.

Event Yasmine Taeb to Discuss Immigrant Experience at VAYD Immigration Summit 

Drawing connections between her personal story and national policy, FCNL Lobbyist Yasmine Taeb will share her experience as an Iranian immigrant on a panel at the Virginia Young Democrats' Immigration Summit on Saturday, June 3rd.

Update FCNL Heartened by 4th Circuit Decision Upholding Suspension of Muslim Ban 

FCNL welcomes the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit to uphold a block on President Trump's March 6th executive order barring individuals from six Muslim-majority countries.

Update FCNL's Yasmine Taeb Speaks at Rally Opposing Muslim Ban as Fourth Circuit Hears Arguments 

As the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on the suspension of President Trump's Muslim ban executive order, FCNL lobbyist Yasmine Taeb addressed a crowd in Richmond, VA, gathered in solidarity with Muslims, refugees, and immigrants.

Statement FCNL Opposes Efforts to Undermine the Johnson Amendment 

FCNL opposes efforts by the president and members of Congress to roll back restrictions put in place in the 1950s that ban partisan political activity in houses of worship.

Press Release FCNL's Yasmine Taeb Honored by EMILY's List 

EMILY's List, an organization dedicated to promoting women's political engagement and women's rights, honors FCNL Lobbyist for Human Rights and Civil Liberties Yasmine Taeb for her dedicated work to promote social justice.

Update FCNL's Yasmine Taeb Speaks at May Day Rally in Solidarity with Immigrants, Refugees, and Workers 

Declaring that we must all stand up and reject policies based on discrimination and hate, FCNL Lobbyist for Human Rights and Civil Liberties Yasmine Taeb spoke at a rally in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and workers on May 1st.