Nurah Jaradat

2019 Summer Intern, Domestic Policy/Native American Advocacy Program

Nurah Jaradat

A double Political Science and Latin American Studies major, Nurah is a rising senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Last year Nurah studied in Argentina at the University of Buenos Aires. Nurah is a member of Students for Justice in Palestine and counts French, Spanish and Arabic as their proficient languages. Nurah is from Amherst, MA.

Articles by Nurah Jaradat

Update Drilling Sacred Lands: A Monumental Disgrace 

Two national monuments are facing potential pollution, contamination, and desecration. When the administration revoked the protected status of Bears Ears Monument and Chaco Canyon, it opened the land to drilling and mining putting the environment at risk while breaching the trust and sovereignty of tribal nations.

Action Alert In the Capital, Without a Vote  

The people of Washington, D.C. deserve a voice. The time has come for the 51st state.