Julia Neumann

Julia Neumann coordinates outreach to states that are particularly important to FCNL’s lobbying efforts, helps constituents develop their own relationships with their members of Congress, and helps the Strategic Advocacy and Legislative teams track and manage their data. Julia is FCNL's resident expert on scheduling lobby visits- last year, she helped FCNL's network schedule over 500, including those during the Quaker Public Policy Institute and Spring Lobby Weekend.

Julia holds a BA in Political Science from Haverford College, where she wrote her thesis on the success of housing development projects in Kenya and studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. While at Haverford, she was co-head of the Office of Community Service, helping hundreds of students get involved in the greater Philadelphia community every year. She began working at FCNL after graduating in 2014.

Julia considers herself an authority on all of the baked goods available within walking distance of the FCNL office, and would like you to know that nuts do not belong in chocolate chip cookies.


Articles by Julia Neumann

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Advocacy Resource Meet with Congress for the First Time 

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