Jameelah Lewis

Jameelah Lewis is an alum of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Afro-American Studies. During her undergraduate career, she worked within the university as a programming assistant for the Center for Social Justice, as Health Coordinator for UNLVolunteers, as a Student Organizer with Advocates for Youth, and as an organizer with #BlackLivesMatter UNLV and UNLV NAACP. Currently, Jameelah Lewis is a fellow with Young People For (YP4). YP4 fellows are committed to creating positive change in their communities by working on blueprints for social justice across the nation. Jameelah will focus her efforts on reducing recidivism rates among system-involved youth in Clark County, Nevada.

As an active community member of UNLV, Las Vegas and Nevada, Jameelah cares deeply for issues that affect its inhabitants, land, and values. Jameelah is excited to be a part of FCNL’s Advocacy Corps, and is committed to working within the community to inform and discuss the issues around gun control.

Advocacy Corps 2019-2020 

Meet the 2019-2020 class of Advocacy Corps Organizers. These 20 young adults from around the U.S. will be organizing their communities to end gun violence.

Articles by Jameelah Lewis

FCNL in the News My story is not unique. But it should be 

When I was 14, I lost a close friend to a gun. Shortly after that, in her own home, my mother was held at gunpoint. Just two years ago, my home — Nevada — was devastated when 58 innocent people were killed and another 413 injured while attending an outdoor music festival. What is perhaps most striking and sad about my story is how it is anything but unique.