Gabriela Viera

Program Assistant, Immigration & Refugee Policy

Gabriela Viera

Gabriela Viera served as the Program Assistant for Immigration and Refugee Policy for 2018-2019.

In her position she lobbied for fair and just immigration policies. She met with Congressional offices to ensure that supported legislation respects the humanity of vulnerable migrant populations. Her responsibilities also included providing the necessary research and support to maintain the connection between FCNL and our network.

Gabriela graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in History, focusing on Caribbean history with a concentration in Race, Gender, and Sexuality. Her passion lies in understanding the intersectional narratives that underlie our current social and political issues. Before coming to FCNL, she interned for the National Committee on American Foreign Policy in New York where she helped with public and private events, briefings, and conferences concerned with advancing foreign policy interests from a nonpartisan perspective. Her volunteer work includes Connecticut branches of JUNTA for Progressive Action and the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project.

Gabriela was Jersey born and raised and enjoys spending her time salsa dancing and reading romance novels.

Articles by Gabriela Viera

Statement FCNL Urges Judiciary Members to Pass Inclusive Legislation for Dreamers, TPS Recipients 

The House Judiciary Committee is marking up legislation outlining a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS recipients, and DED holders, all of whom are at risk of deportation pending cancellation of their protections.

Update The President’s Vision for Immigration Spending Is a Moral Nonstarter 

President Donald Trump’s budget request outlines a daunting increase in in spending that will result in more immigrants languishing in unjust detention and harmful border policies. Congress should reject this proposal and invest in programs that make our communities strong and vibrant.

Update Immigration Enforcement Spending at Historic High in FY19 Omnibus 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) need meaningful oversight and reduced spending authority.

FCNL remains committed to seeking reduced spending and emphasis on detention and border militarization. We urge members of Congress not to use current historic levels of enforcement spending as the starting baseline for upcoming negotiations.

Update Looking Forward to the New Congress: Immigration Priorities 

On January 3, the 116th Congress was sworn into office. A new congress means new opportunities for advocacy. Here’s a look at what our Immigration and Refugee Policy team will focus on this year.

Update Government Heads Into Partial Shutdown 

The debate over how Congress will fund immigration enforcement culminated with the president opting for a partial government shutdown rather than signing a bill with less than $5 billion for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Update Your Stories Help Humanize the Immigration Debate 

Thank you to each advocate who wrote about how the Administration’s proposed public charge rule would affect our communities - every comment, every story, was essential.

Update How Congress Should Respond to the Migrant Caravan 

Hint: It’s not by locking people up or out.

People are fleeing violence, corruption, instability, and hunger in the Northern Triangle of Central America and traveling together for safety to Mexico and the United States. What can Congress do?

Update Oppose Administration Proposal to Lock Out Immigrants Based on Wealth 

A new rule could mean claiming Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), housing assistance, and more could cost individuals their path to citizenship.