Chad Martin

Gainesville, Florida Advocacy Corps Organizer

 Chad Martin

Chad Martin is from Gainesville, Florida and attends Santa Fe College for Environmental Studies. In high school he was a delegate with Witness for Peace studying the North American Free Trade Agreement and the oppression American held on Nicaragua. He is an active Quaker and advocates peace and positive development in the people.

After attending the 2018 FCNL Annual Meeting, Chad followed up by becoming a member of the Spring Lobby Week lobbying for immigration and the defunding of detention centers. is excited to be an Advocacy Corps member, seeking change in small communities that will lead to bright beginnings for everyone.

Advocacy Corps 2019-2020 

Meet the 2019-2020 class of Advocacy Corps Organizers. These 20 young adults from around the U.S. will be organizing their communities to end gun violence.