Anna McCormally

Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Anna McCormally

Anna McCormally facilitates the work of Executive Secretary Diane Randall by serving as a liaison to constituents, sustainers, and governing committees. Anna holds a BA in Economics from Earlham College, where she completed a literature review and senior thesis on the economics of climate change.

During her time at Earlham, she lived for a semester in Amman, Jordan, studying political economy of the Middle East and working as an English Language Consultant at the National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation.

In 2017, Anna completed an MFA. in Fiction Writing at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a Katherine Anne Porter Fiction Prize winner and writes fiction that deals with themes of social justice. Anna is a member of Herndon Monthly Meeting in Herndon, VA. She lives with her partner in Washington, DC.

Articles by Anna McCormally

Background The Simplicity Testimony 

When asked to speak to the simplicity testimony, Quaker Lloyd Lee Wilson said, “Simplicity is the name we give to our effort to free ourselves to give full attention to God’s still, small voice: the sum of our efforts to subtract from our lives everything that competes with God for our attention and clear hearing.”

Event Gratitude: A Radical (and Essential) Act 

What would our society would look like if we embraced gratitude? Not just privately, in gratitude journals and personal prayers… but as a civic practice?

Update Why We Tell Our Stories: Speaking Truth to Power About the Realities of War 

In the face of nationwide political crises, it can be hard to feel like the voices and actions of any one person—much less my voice, or my actions—can make a difference. But FCNL’s 75-year history of advocacy shows that in fact, it is the work of individuals, of constituents bringing their stories to their members of Congress’ offices, that make change in Washington possible.