Adelle Pitsas

2019 Summer Intern, Executive Secretary/Governance

Adelle Pitsas

A first-semester senior, Adelle is a Political Psychology major at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. She is writing her thesis on Left Wing Activism and has worked in sustainable, non-profit farming for two years. She has been a research assistant for the Hampshire College Child Cognition Lab and has completed two environmentally focused independent research projects.

Articles by Adelle Pitsas

Background FCNL 2019 Summer Interns: Beginning with Hope and Agency 

Coming to FCNL, I have been impressed at the dedication FCNL has in engaging young adults with Quaker advocacy work. The work that I see on a daily basis at FCNL is both inspiring and contagious, and I am so excited to be part of the 2019 summer intern cohort!