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Allen Hester leads FCNL’s Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending portfolio. He develops legislative strategies and lobbies Congress for reductions in Pentagon spending, strengthened arms control regimes, and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons.

Allen has a fierce commitment to a world free of war and the threat of war and is passionate about shrinking nuclear arsenals. His work at FCNL builds on his experience at Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), where he built grassroots engagement with health professionals who could speak to the medical consequences of nuclear war. At PSR he also made nuclear weapons spending reductions a key plank of the wider fight to reduce bloated Pentagon spending. He seeks to improve the accessibility and transparency of nuclear weapons and Pentagon spending issues by linking them to themes of justice, human rights, climate change, and imperialism, and by framing budget choices as a reflection of our nation’s values.

Allen has an A.A. in Communication from Casper College and a B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School of Peace and Conflict Studies at George Mason University.