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Find action alerts, members of Congress, voting records, and current legislation. These tools can help you act online or prepare for in-person meetings with Congress.


  1. Advocacy Resource Write Effective Emails to Congress 

    Do emails to Congress work? While a single email won't often change a policymaker's position, email is a critical part of strategic advocacy for the policies you care about.

  2. Advocacy Resource Publish Letters to the Editor 

    Publishing letters to the editor and op-eds is a great way to get the attention of your members of Congress. But first, you need to write a piece that tells your story – not just the facts.

Action Alerts

Action Alert Washington Post Finds $125 Billion in Pentagon Waste 

The United States spends too much on war making efforts, and it is clear that we squander billions and billions of dollars in the process.

Action Alert Success: Stand with Water Protectors 

Update: The Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday that they wouldn't grant the final easement to the Dakota Access Pipeline, blocking the pipeline from being completed. But this victory could be overturned by the Trump administration.

Action Alert Oppose the Creation of a Religious Registry 

President-elect Donald Trump wants to create a national religious registry of Muslims in the United States – and we can’t let him. This is a dangerous and irresponsible proposal that runs contrary to our nation’s promise of religious liberty.

Action Alert What You Can Do  

The beginning is knowing -- really knowing -- and acknowledging the history we share as Indians and non-Indians on this continent. Useful action flows from that place of recognition of how we stand with each other. Here are three sets of recommendations for your next steps.

Action Alert Let's Get to Work 

Capitol Hill was eerily quiet last Wednesday. People of both parties, many of whom have been in Washington for decades, were stunned by the outcome of the election.

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