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Find action alerts, members of Congress, voting records, and current legislation. These tools can help you act online or prepare for in-person meetings with Congress.


  1. Advocacy Resource Write Effective Emails to Congress 

    Do emails to Congress work? While a single email won't often change a policymaker's position, email is a critical part of strategic advocacy for the policies you care about.

  2. Advocacy Resource Publish Letters to the Editor 

    Publishing letters to the editor and op-eds is a great way to get the attention of your members of Congress. But first, you need to write a piece that tells your story – not just the facts.

Action Alerts

Action Alert The Debate Raised the Issues. Now Congress Should Act. 

The first presidential debate touched on many of the challenges we’re facing as a country. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave voters an idea of how they would address issues ranging from mass incarceration to the use of nuclear weapons.

Action Alert What Can You Do on Native American Issues? 

There are Indian policy issues flying every which way in Congress right now, but there are a small handful that could use your help. Here are some to choose from:

Action Alert Call Your Members of Congress: Stop the TPP 

Join FCNL and dozens of organizations -- faith, labor, environmental, consumer, health, family farm, civil rights, senior citizen, youth, LGBT and other organizations and activists -- for a call-in day opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Action Alert Libya: A New Front for the Endless War 

It's long past time for Congress to take its power back, to debate and vote each and every war the U.S. undertakes, in keeping with the 1973 War Powers Act. But for the past 15 years, Congress has let the president act unchecked.

Action Alert Question for Candidates: Support Middle East Diplomacy 

This year, because of U.S.-led diplomacy, Iran no longer has enough fuel to build a nuclear bomb. Yet the kind of sustained diplomacy that led to this agreement does not always have political support in this country.

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