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Native Americans

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Our Work

FCNL’s Native American advocacy program offers the support of an enduring ally, pointing to opportunities for investment that the federal government might overlook or underfund, and providing information, where possible, on the continuing struggles of native peoples.

This work takes us into all of the issue areas encountered by any government: land and borders; environment, energy, and natural resources; economic development; care for the safety and well-being of tribal citizens; and investment in the future through health and education.

More on Native American Issues

Update Update: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 

Senator Murkowski’s bill to allow oil and gas production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been attached to the Senate tax reform bill.

Update Native American Legislative Update 

September-October 2017

Since returning from its August recess, Congress has given most of its public attention to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, providing tax breaks for some of the more fortunate among us, and trying to agree on funding for the government, before it has to shut down.

Update Justice and Violence in Indian Country 

Looking for Answers to Human Trafficking

Nearly 6,000 Native women and girls were reported as "missing" in 2016. Between 2013 and 2016, there were only 14 federal investigations and 2 prosecutions.

Update Health Care 

Preserving Life in Indian Country

Medicaid and the Child Health Improvement Program are lifesavers in Indian Country, extending access to health care to thousands of families. The Special Diabetes Program for Indians has a ten-year record of arresting the increase in diabetes among American Indian adults and children, and the rate of obesity among children.

Update Traditional and Fragile Lands 

Native people have been the guardians of some of this continent's most beautiful and most fragile lands. The current administration and Congress seem committed to reducing protections surrounding many of these federally-owned sites.

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