Economic Justice

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By most measures, the United States is a country of wealth and abundance. Yet, for many people, the U.S. economy isn’t working. In the richest country in the world, everyone should be able to eat three meals a day, have a roof over his or her head, and access health care. In addition, everyone should have opportunities to learn, work, and grow. A just economy is built on this foundation of economic stability and opportunity.

More on Economic Justice

Action Alert One More Time: Stop the Dangerous Health Care Bill 

It's back. A "new" last-ditch plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act has many of the same dangerous policies as previous repeal efforts, threatening the future of Medicaid as we know it. Momentum is growing to pass the bill in the next two weeks.

The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Proposal Endangers Millions 

Despite the new name, the Graham-Cassidy health care proposal includes many of the same dangerous health care policies of previous attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Background Rooting Out White Supremacy in our Nation 

What transpired in Charlottesville, VA unnerves and grieves us. It is a manifestation of fear and hatred that is contrary to the world we seek - a society with justice and equity for all.

Event FCNL House Parties 

September 23, 2017 Around the Country

Spend a couple of hours with friends finding new motivation and inspiration for the work ahead. We'll broadcast a special training from Washington, DC, and you'll connect with other FCNL advocates in your area.

Statement FCNL Welcomes the Defeat of the Senate Health Care Bill 

FCNL welcomes the defeat of the Senate healthcare bill or “Skinny Repeal” on final passage. The bill was narrowly defeated by 51-49, thanks to the courage of Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain, who crossed party lines to vote NO on a bill that would have devastated millions of families beyond repair.

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