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FCNL’s multi-faceted approach draws on the expertise of registered lobbyists in Washington, DC, the commitment and passion of people around the country in our advocacy network, and the relationships we cultivate with elected officials and community leaders.

Issue List


Criminal Justice 

The criminal justice system doesn’t work. It has evolved beyond rehabilitation or even retribution into a system of oppression and control that seeks to subjugate communities of color. Over-incarceration and violent, militarized policing are symptoms of that larger problem.


Economic Justice 

All people should have adequate resources to maintain health, dignity and economic security. Equitable economies are more productive, sustainable, efficient and fair. Tax burdens should be related to financial resources and ability to pay.


Environment & Energy 

We must make choices that protect, sustain and regenerate the earth’s ecosystems. Environmental degradation and the scarcity and inequitable distribution of resources are underlying causes of large-scale migration, violence and war.


Gun Violence Prevention 

The gun violence epidemic is both a public health crisis and a troubling reflection on our country’s spiritual state. We seek peaceful and nonviolent solutions to personal and societal problems at all levels, and support efforts to reduce gun violence by limiting gun ownership, possession and use.


Immigrants & Refugees 

The United States derives much of its strength and character from the many peoples who have built it. We support openness to refugees, victims of violence and human trafficking, and those seeking asylum. Militarized borders and higher walls do not make the U.S. safer.


Middle East & Iran 

When crises break out in the Middle East, the U.S. too often turns to violence first. FCNL lobbies for nonviolent engagement in the Middle East to prevent, de-escalate, and resolve longstanding conflicts. Political grievances contribute to instability and violence, so lasting peace in the region will require engagement with all stakeholders.


Native Americans 

FCNL’s Native American advocacy program offers the support of an enduring ally, pointing to opportunities for investment that the federal government might overlook or underfund, and providing information, where possible, on the continuing struggles of native peoples.


Nuclear Weapons 

With the end of the Cold War, many dared hope that the scourge of nuclear weapons would be ended once and for all. But more than two decades later, the drive to build nuclear weapons by some governments continues, energized in no small part by the policies of the U.S. government.



The international community has a responsibility to protect civilians. Programs that prevent violent conflict, avert mass atrocities, and protect civilians are basic building blocks for lasting peace and security.


U.S. Wars & Militarism 

For too long, our country has invested in an enormous military, shaping a world based on war and the threat of war and denying people in our communities the health, education and environmental security they need to thrive.


Voting & Elections 

Active and informed civic participation is essential to the proper functioning of government. Our democracy can live up to its potential only if it ensures open access to and participation in elections and voting. The undue influence of money in politics undermines that potential.

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