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Young Adult Friend Ice Cream Social and Activist Storytelling!

Thursday, May 17 at 6pm in the Quaker Welcome Center

By Michelle Beers, May 3, 2018

Join young adult Friends, Joey Hartmann-Dow, Lauren Brownlee, and Jamie Demarco for a time of discussion on how to remain spiritually sustained as young adult activists.

flier for ice cream social in the quaker welcome center

The event will be held in the Quaker Welcome Center on Thursday, May 17th at 6pm to 8pm.

To RSVP email Michelle Beers at michelle@fcnl.org. Michelle will be facilitating the panel discussion among these Friends.

Jamie DeMarco

  • State Carbon Pricing Coordinator

Jamie is a member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. He has served in many capacities in the Religious Society of Friend, including worked as a Young Fellow (2017 - 2018) at FCNL.

Lauren Brownlee

  • Director of Social Action at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Lauren is a member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. She works as Director of Social Action at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart where she coordinates community-based action for students of the upper school.

Joey Hartmann-Dow

  • Friend in Washington

Joey Hartmann-Dow is an artist and activist currently serving as FCNL’s Friend in Washington for Spring 2018. Her project during her residency is creating a series of comic books about citizen lobbying, aiming to empower anyone, no matter what your background, to engage with your representatives to affect change through policy.

Michelle Beers

  • Program Assistant, Field Program

Michelle Beers works with the Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley on building relationships with Quaker and non-Quaker constituents across the country. Michelle helps empower constituents to be civically-minded and to advocate on the issues they care about by connecting them with pertinent and relevant resources and instructions about lobbying and faith-based action.