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Working Together to End Gun Violence: Meet Advocacy Corps Organizers and Take Action

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September 4, 2019

In response to recent mass shootings and the pain that has swept our communities once again, young people are raising their voices and taking a stand against gun violence. You can join this movement!

Over the next ten months, FCNL’s Advocacy Corps members are organizing in their communities to end gun violence. On September 3, FCNL hosted a special video conversation featuring four Advocacy Corps organizers who are organizing and lobbying to end gun violence. Listen to the recording to hear their stories, receive a legislative update from FCNL’s domestic policy associate Andre Gobbo, and learn how you can take action to end gun violence.

You can join FCNL's Advocacy Corps in advocating to end gun violence through Universal Background Checks (S. 42) and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (H.R. 1236).


Gun violence webinar speakers

L-R: Natalie Walls, Juan Avila, Fiona Davis-Walsh, and Ormond Derrick

Natalie Walls is a sophomore at Jacksonville State University majoring in Political Science. Her connection to advocacy and community service stems from a desire to make a difference in a local area that has really touched her life. In Anniston, Alabama, gun violence is prevalent, and Natalie wants to catalyze change.

Juan Avila is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. He was motivated to apply to participate in FCNL’s 2019-2020 Advocacy Corps program to help mobilize people in his community around gun violence prevention. “If we don’t make a difference now, things will continue the way they’re going.”

Fiona Davis-Walsh is currently a sophomore at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Gun violence is an issue Fiona is passionate about. Though she was “pretty removed” from the impacts of gun violence growing up, but hearing about it in the news and seeing the discrepancy in the types of gun violence being reported drove her to act.

Ormond Derrick is currently a senior at New College of Florida in Sarasota, majoring in Political Science and Global Health with a minor in Spanish Language and Culture. An “ardent advocate for gun violence prevention,” Ormond knew he was called to help move the legislative needle beyond ‘thoughts and prayers’ after the Pulse Nightclub and Parkland shootings.

Work with FCNL Advocacy Corps 

Applications for 2020-21 are now closed.

As an Advocacy Corps organizer, you'll connect local activists and leaders with your members of Congress to affect big, long-term change. You'll also learn critical organizing skills and put them into practice with hands-on leadership experience.

Gun Violence Prevention 

Gun violence is a public health crisis that our country has been facing for decades. While it’s the mass shootings that grab the headlines, gun violence comes in far more common and pernicious forms. Suicides, accidental deaths, domestic violence, and homicides in urban areas and communities of color all take a toll on our society. We seek a society where we can feel safe in our communities doing ordinary activities without the risk of violent death.