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What Will You Do This World Refugee Day?

June 1, 2018

World Refugee Day (June 20) is an important opportunity to raise awareness about the power of refugee resettlement. We call on members of Congress to push the administration to resettle at least 45,000 refugees this fiscal year, and set a goal of resettling 75,000 refugees next fiscal year (2019).

Every year on World Refugee Day, June 20, we have an opportunity to celebrate the power, resilience, and joy that resettled refugees bring to their everyday lives and our communities. We mark the courage of all those who are forced to leave their homes around the globe. We remind ourselves of the work still to be done to protect refugees, and recommit ourselves to mitigating forced displacement due to war, poverty, or climate disruption.

The refugee resettlement program has historically had robust, bipartisan support and fostered U.S. leadership in the global community. This year is different. In the midst of the largest displacement crisis on record, the administration set the lowest goal of refugee arrivals in the history of the resettlement program. Worse yet, the government is not even on track to meet half that goal.

Below are some ways that you can participate in calling on members of Congress to push the administration to resettle at least 45,000 refugees by September 30, and set a goal of resettling 75,000 refugees in fiscal year 2019.

1. Sign up to Host or Attend a Welcoming Refugees Event

FCNL is working with our partners at the Interfaith Immigration Coalition and Refugee Council USA to amplify the voices of constituents across the country.

Download this toolkit to get started hosting.

  1. Welcoming Refugees Event Toolkit 2018 (pdf, 222 KB)

Join this effort by signing up to host or attend an event the week of World Refugee Day (June 17-24). The events could be a dinner, panel discussion, project, interfaith vigil, or weekly service hosted at a local place of worship, community center, house, or school.

2. Write an LTE ahead of World Refugee Day

The week before World Refugee Day, submit a Letter to the Editor calling on your member of Congress to publicly support robust refugee resettlement. The administration must resettle 45,000 refugees this fiscal year (2018), and set a goal of at least 75,000 next fiscal year (2019). Reference these talking points for more information.

3. Amplify our Asks on Social Media

Let your community and network hear loud and clear: Refugees Welcome! Utilize social media on World Refugee Day to amplify your message and share photos of your event. Take photos with signs to accompany tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram. Call on your elected officials to ask the administration to resettle at least 75,000 refugees in fiscal year 2019.

When posting, use these hashtags: #WRD2018 or #RefugeesWelcome

Tag FCNL (@FCNL) to be retweeted!

Printable Sign

Take pictures with this sign and share!

Shareable Graphics

Share these graphics on Facebook and Twitter.

Sample Tweets

  • Did you know that at 45,000 people the administration has set the lowest refugee resettlement goal in decades? This is unacceptable. We should resettle at least 75K. Here in [city, state] we say #RefugeesWelcome! #WRD2018
  • DID YOU KNOW: 51% of #refugees are under the age of 18. What if that was someone you know? #WRD2018
  • The number of #refugees and others forcibly displaced from their homes is over 65 million worldwide, the highest level in global history. The US should be resettling more people. #WRD2018
  • The US has been a global leader in the protection of refugees and must continue to set an example as a safe haven. We should resettle at least 75K refugees in FY19 #WRD2018 #RefugeesWelcome

Join us this World Refugee Day to call on our nation's leaders to step up and welcome more refugees.