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By Karla Molinar-Arvizo, December 27, 2019

When I joined FCNL last August, it was a truly frightening time for immigrants in this country.

The increased detention, family separation, and militarization of the border are not just cruel. I have seen how they undercut the common humanity we share with immigrants.

Immigration is best understood through the stories of people and their lives. Human beings are driven to make choices, or take chances, for many reasons. The challenges within our immigration system are complex and varied, just like people.

There may not be easy fixes for our immigration policies, but there must be humane ones. That understanding is what motivates me to work for legislative solutions that ensure our tax dollars stop fueling cruel and ineffective immigration policies.

As a new year begins, there will be more to do. The 2020 election rhetoric is sure to focus on refugees and migration – and FCNL will continue to advocate for policy solutions that recognize the dignity and worth of all people.

Please consider offering your financial support for this work, and all of FCNL’s efforts, before the end of 2019. Many, many thanks for standing with us this year.

Karla Molinar-Arvizo

  • Program Assistant, Immigration and Refugee Policy

Karla is the Program Assistant for Immigration and Refugee Policy. In her work, Karla tracks key legislation on congressional appropriations and funding, collaborates with partner organizations, and uplifts the values of FCNL through congressional visits and lobbying. She believes in the importance of maintaining relationships with constituents, and advocates for an immigration system where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.