1. Action Alert

We can't sit out this election

By Katie Breslin, August 21, 2018

The first step to solving any crisis is admitting that we have a problem. Say it with me: we have a voting problem. A big one.

Did you know that in 2016, fewer than half of eligible voters under the age of 30 voted? Ouch. It’s even worse during midterm election years. In 2014, just 20% showed up. Not. Cool.

That’s why I need your help: Let me know that you’re planning to vote, and help me remind your friends to vote, too.

This year’s midterm election couldn’t be more critical. Frustration and anger with the administration and Congress are fueling a sense of urgency in people to get off the sidelines and be active—as candidates, campaign volunteers, and advocates.

So you’d think that young adult voters would be clamoring to show up on election day, right? Not exactly. One recent poll showed that only 28% of young voters said they will definitely vote in 2018. (That’s compared to 74% of seniors who said the same.)

Click here to commit to vote, share your voting plan, and verify your registration status.

If our generation turned out in full force, we’d make up the largest voting block in the electorate. We have more power than we realize, but only if we get organized and get out to vote. Can you commit to voting right now?

Katie Breslin

  • Student at at Earlham School of Religion and Former FCNL Young Adult Program Manager

Katie Breslin served as FCNL’s Young Adult Program Manager. In that capacity Katie organized, trained, and supported the efforts of young activists and leaders to affect big, long-term change within Congress. She offered hands-on leadership experience for young people across the country who work on their college campus or in their home community to mobilize people to engage with Congress.