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Voter Registration Toolkit

Before the 2020 election, FCNL is trying to get 500 young adults registered to vote. Below is a toolkit with resources you need to mobilize your communities and make their voices heard.

Action Center

You can access our action center by going to fcnl.org/vote. Once you're there, you'll find three awesome tools:

  • First, you can register to vote. If you know an eligible voter who is not registered, this is a very easy way to help them, even if you are not in the same state.
  • Second, you can also check your registration. A lot of young adults have moved recently. Even if someone you know insists that they are registered, you should absolutely encourage them to make sure it is totally up to date.
  • Third, you can pledge to get three of your friends to vote. If every person reading this spoke to three other people about voting, imagine our impact on the November election.

An easy way you can share the action center is by having your friends text “Voter Friends” to 40649. We’ll send you the action center link straight to your phone!

Social Media

4 out of 10 young adults didn't vote in the 2018 elections. Let's change that.

Download the graphic in your desired format:

And here are some sample posts you can use (Don't forget to tag FCNL and Headcount!):

  • "Registering to vote takes just two minutes! Go to FCNL.org/vote and make sure your voice is heard in November. #thefutureisvoting"
  • "Not sure whether your registration is up to date? Maybe you’ve moved recently or you don’t remember where you registered. Go to FCNL.org/vote and check! #thefutureisvoting"
  • "Voting and encouraging others to vote in this upcoming election will be crucial to strengthening and rebuilding our democracy. Sign up to remind your friends to vote on election day! Go to FCNL.org/vote. #thefutureisvoting"

Your Questions, Answered

FCNL's Election Resources

Have any other questions? Contact Larissa at larissa@fcnl.org.