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Visiting Friend Toolkit

By Christine Ashley

The work of an FCNL Visiting Friend is to connect Meetings and Churches around the United States with FCNL’s Quaker mission and opportunities for action.

“Visitation outside one’s own Meeting… expands the woven network of Friendly connections, opens new windows to stir our spirits, and enlarges our understanding of what it means to be a Friend.”

  • Faith and Practice, Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Visiting Friend Report Back Form

Tell us how your visit went 

Quakers have a centuries-long history of inner visitation—seeking fellowship and deepening ties with Friends by way of personal connection. Rooted in this practice, FCNL Visiting Friends (with support and guidance from FCNL staff) give presentations to Meetings about the core components of FCNL’s work through their own personal story and helping to nurture, connect, and energize friends into faithful action.

This is a relational channel for Friends to both introduce Friends to FCNL who are less familiar, and invite Friends take action beyond just signing up for a FCNL email list. Your role as a Visiting Friend is to share how your spiritual journey has brought you to faithful advocacy work, or in some cases, how advocacy work brought you to the Religious Society of Friends! The main takeaway in your presentation centers on the following message: FCNL can help Friends live out their own faith through action.

Quaker meetings and churches are the primary organizations around which Friends come together in the United States. FCNL’s connection to Quakers across the nation is powerful because of the community and organized faith based action that Friends facilitate.

FCNL’s contacts through the General Committee, our meeting and church contacts, yearly meetings, the policy and priorities process, regular email updates, phone call briefings, and staff visits bring us closer to Friends around the country. Yet there are many more Friends who might engage regularly with FCNL if they knew more!

The key to strengthening FCNL’s ties with monthly meetings is individuals. Visits by Friends are the best way to grow our community and power.

Program Goals

  • Introduce people new to FCNL’s work;
  • Sign-up individuals to receive FCNL’s email alerts;
  • Identify individuals interested in joining FCNL programs, like becoming grassroots lobbyists, advocacy team members, Spring Lobby participants, etc.;
  • Inspire monthly meetings and churches to consider growing and deepening their engagement with FCNL;
  • Encourage others to talk about how FCNL has helped them move from a Spiritual conviction to playing an active role in advocacy.
Update FCNL Visiting Friend Tom Bertrand: Moved to speak, moved to listen 

Friend Tom Bertrand is following a long-held tradition of visitation, and a leading to invite Friends to Quaker advocacy.

Advocacy Resource Love Thy Neighbor 

No Exceptions

Our country is struggling with deep divisions. Amid the blame of and attack on those who are different - in political views, race, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation - it becomes even more urgent to highlight the value we place in one another. FCNL's #LoveThyNeighbor (No Exceptions) campaign seeks to shift the narrative.

Conference Calls

Christine Ashley

  • Quaker Field Secretary

Christine Ashley has the honor of nurturing and deepening FCNL’s relationships with Friends across the United States. In this role, Christine develops and sustains FCNL's engagement with individuals both within the Religious Society of Friends and with seekers for the Quaker way of living Faith in to action.