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Urgent Health Care Update

By Amelia Kegan, May 3, 2017

On May 4, 2017, the House of Representatives voted to repeal key patient protections, end Medicaid as we know it, and eliminate coverage for 24 million people.

Action Alert Devastating Health Care Bill Passes House 

On to the Senate. We’re heartbroken and outraged that hundreds of representatives supported health care legislation that would force more people to choose between life-saving medical care and crushing debt or bankruptcy. If passed into law, it would end Medicaid as we know it, eliminate key patient protections, and eliminate coverage for 24 million people.

Negotiations to repeal the Affordable Care Act have reached a new urgency. President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Speaker Ryan are pulling out all the stops to try and pass the American Health Care Act by the end of the week.

We’re hearing the vote count is extremely close. Will you take a moment to call or email your representative right now?

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Back room dealing has led to a new amendment intended to attract moderates onto the bill. But make no mistake about it. This is the same legislation as before. It still:

  • Eliminates health coverage for 24 million people
  • Ends the Medicaid expansion
  • Cuts Medicaid by $850 billion, dismantling the program in a way it will not come back from
  • Ends guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions

The new amendment proposes to protect people with pre-existing conditions, by allocating $8 billion for high-risk pools. However, experts on both sides of the aisle have clearly warned these high-risk pools will lead to higher costs, fewer benefits and waiting lists rationing care for those with pre-existing conditions. This is no solution.

This is the moment where we can defeat the American Health Care Act for good. If the House leaves for its week long recess without passing it, congressional leaders know it’ll be very hard to revive it.

Amelia Kegan

  • Legislative Director, Domestic Policy

Amelia Kegan leads the domestic policy team's work in analyzing legislation, advocating on Capitol Hill, and developing legislative strategy. Prior to coming to FCNL, Amelia worked at a variety of other national non-profits in D.C. and Chicago, focusing on federal budget, tax, and low-income policy.