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Two Viruses threaten the Health of our Democracy

By José Santos Woss, June 16, 2020

COVID-19 isn’t just a threat to the health and safety of every American—it also threatens the very heart of American democracy. With elections looming, we should not ask people to choose between their right to vote and their health. If Congress takes the right steps now, we won’t have to make that choice.

Protect Our Elections

Write Your Senators 

The federal government must provide $3.6 billion to fund COVID-19 protections for our elections.

But COVID-19 is not the only threat to the health of our democracy. It is also threatened by the pandemic of racism.

Each election season thousands of people of color are denied their right to vote. States and local jurisdictions have purged voter lists, closed polling places, and passed voter ID laws that suppress the votes of black and brown people. We must ensure that any systems put in place to address COVID-19 protect the voting rights of communities of color.

Urge your senators to ensure that any future COVID-19 relief package includes critical protections for voting rights.

Event Juneteenth Film Screening of "Suppressed: The Fight to Vote" 

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Every election year, thousands of people of color are denied their right to vote due to tactics such as purged voter lists and voter ID laws. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic threatening our elections, voter suppression could become even worse—unless Congress takes action.

José Santos Woss

  • Legislative Manager, Criminal Justice and Election Integrity

José is the Legislative Manager for Criminal Justice and Election Integrity. He leads FCNL’s work on criminal justice reform, election integrity, and policing. He helps to lead the Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition, an alliance of more than 40 national faith groups advocating to end mass incarceration.