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The Terrifying Truth

By Jim Cason, January 31, 2018

The president who last night called for making our nuclear arsenal "so strong and so powerful" has the power to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea -- without provocation, without congressional influence, and without warning.

Prevent War with North Korea

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Congress must stop the president from starting (or threatening) a “preventive” war of choice, with or without nuclear weapons. New legislation would block the president from starting war with North Korea without congressional consent – our best chance to avoid a catastrophic war.

All of us should condemn the Kim regime’s terrible treatment of the North Korean people and its dangerous drive for more and more nuclear weaponry. But I’m deeply concerned that the president is now building the rationale for a disastrous preventive military attack on North Korea that his White House advisers are seriously discussing as an option. Congress must stop this march to war—not sleepwalk in its ranks.

But this is about more than North Korea. This is about who we are as a nation and how we keep our country safe. Our nation already spends far more on military force than any other nation on earth, yet at home too much of our infrastructure crumbles and rusts, and too many among us lack basic shelter and food for three meals a day. Our union is strongest when we invest in our people, not the Pentagon.

Jim Cason

  • Associate Executive Secretary for Strategic Advocacy

Jim Cason is responsible for directing the full range of FCNL’s strategic advocacy work. In this capacity, he works with program staff to develop long term change strategies that accomplish our particular legislative goals.