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Tell Congress: No Muslim Ban Ever

By Hannah Graf Evans, June 26, 2018

The Supreme Court just voted to uphold President Donald Trump's discriminatory travel ban on Muslims seeking to enter the United States. Now, we must speak out for our nation's values of welcome and religious freedom.

Contact your members of Congress and tell them to stand up against the president's Muslim ban.

This ruling does not change the basic truth: the president's executive order immorally and intentionally targets Muslim citizens, immigrants, and visitors. The Supreme Court has said that the policy is permissible. But that doesn't make it right.

Congress must not stand by and allow unjust policies to remain in place. Over the past 18 months, Congress has not held a single hearing or engaged in appropriate oversight of these discriminatory policies. Contact Congress now—tell them to speak out and check the president and the court.

When the first version of this ban went into effect, millions rose up and said No Muslim Ban Ever. We urged Congress to support policies that demonstrate love for our neighbors without exception. Make sure your members of Congress know that we're still watching, and we're not going anywhere.

Hannah Graf Evans

  • Former Legislative Representative, Immigration and Refugee Policy

Hannah Graf Evans led FCNL's lobbying for compassionate immigration and refugee policies, with a particular focus on detention practices, the rights of border communities, and protection of vulnerable communities. Hannah served as co-chair of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition steering committee for three years.