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Take Action From Afar

August 7, 2017

Since politicians must answer to their district or state at the end of the day, congressional offices tend to prioritize the opinions of constituents over those who aren’t from their district.

Instead of trying to force your way into the offices of someone who isn’t interested, young adult program manager Katie Breslin suggests working with friends in that district to reach out.

Katie's Advocacy Tip

“Offices want to hear from their constituents and get frustrated when they hear from people who are not from their district. Instead of calling an office that does not represent you, call or email a friend in that district—or reach out to an association that might have an affiliate in that district—and encourage them to call their members of Congress. People are more likely to take action if they are asked by someone they know and their voices in those offices will be the most effective.”

Using your network to promote change strengthens your relationships and provokes action. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, don’t be afraid to delegate your lobbying efforts to friends and affiliates. Doing this will grow your network to new areas and inspire constituents to take action on issues that affect them.