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Support Youth Peacebuilders!

By Ose Okooboh

An estimated one in four young people around the world are affected by armed conflicts and violence. Yet all too often, their voices are ignored and their needs overlooked in national and regional peacebuilding efforts.

They are frequently stigmatized as a threat and marginalized by repressive governments, causing further cycles of instability.

Including youth as full participants in peacebuilding is essential for ending cycles of violence. Indeed, youth movements have already shown their power to achieve positive change. For instance, in 2019, Sudanese youth, who represent 64 percent of the population, led a nonviolent movement that ended a 30-year dictatorship.

The Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) Act of 2020 (H.R. 6174) would address these issues by making it U.S. policy to improve youth participation in U.S.-funded peace and security efforts, designating a coordinator and youth-inclusive advisory group to develop and implement an inter-agency YPS strategy and authorizing a new YPS fund to directly support youth-led groups.

Urge your representative to support the Youth, Peace, and Security Act to ensure the meaningful inclusion of youth in peacebuilding around the world.


Preventing Violent Conflict

We are changing U.S. foreign policy from one that is overly militarized to one that prevents, mitigates, and transforms violent conflict. We focus on peacefully preventing and ending violent conflict and reforming U.S. counterterrorism policy. By building support in Congress and the administration, we are increasing civilian capacities through the State Department and USAID to address violent conflict and extremism.

Ose Okooboh

  • Program Assistant, Peacebuilding

Ose supported FCNL's Peacebuilding program as a program assistant in 2020, where she worked to identify problems that perpetuate violent conflict and promote bipartisan support for constructive legislative responses to them. In addition to her lobbying tasks, she provided support to the Prevention and Protection Working Group’s Elie Wiesel Act Implementation Subcommittee.