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Support the Global Fragility Act


October 28, 2019

The world is experiencing a 25-year peak in violence, resulting in the forced displacement of millions, and generating 80 percent of humanitarian need. The United States must act to peacefully reduce and prevent violent conflict.

Pass the Global Fragility Act (S.727) in the Senate to develop a long-term, government-wide strategy to reduce fragility and violence.

The Global Fragility Act will:

  • Protect U.S. national security and limit the need for costly military interventions by addressing the root causes of violent conflict.

  • Provide critical funds to help prevent and reduce conflict, saving money by addressing conflict situations before a crisis emerges.

  • Break cycles of violence by strengthening the effectiveness and coordination of U.S. programs designed to reduce the causes of fragility and violence.

  • Save lives by ensuring that preventive action is taken in countries with high levels of violence and fragility, and those where warning signs are beginning to appear.

  • Mandate the monitoring and evaluation of indicators for conflict prevention, increasing accountability of U.S. foreign assistance.

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