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Support Extreme Risk Protection Orders

The gun violence epidemic facing our country is a public health crisis that can be avoided – but only if Congress takes action.

In many cases of gun violence, there are warning signs that shooters are at risk of harming themselves or others.

Although family members of the shooter at Parkland, FL had contacted law enforcement, there was no clear process to restrict his access to guns.
Extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) allow families, household members, and/or law enforcement to petition courts to restrict an individual’s access to guns, while creating a process for appeals. ERPOs are a crucial policy that help remove guns from someone who is a threat to themselves or others. H.R. 1236 provides federal funding to support state, tribal, and local efforts to educate, train, and provide guidance on how to effectively implement this policy.

Support extreme risk protection orders. Co-sponsor H.R. 1236

Andre Gobbo, Domestic Policy Associate, andre@fcnl.org
July 2019