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Stop Overspending on Immigrant Detention and Border Militarization

The administration is funnelling money into abusive immigration practices. Congress must demand accountability.

By Hannah Graf Evans, January 15, 2020

Thanks to your advocacy, Congress yet again rejected the president’s outlandish requests to increase funding for immigrant detention and border wall construction. However, the fiscal year 2020 spending bill failed to cancel the administration’s ability to transfer money and use it for projects not approved by Congress.

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Under current budget law, the administration can still use money that Congress intended for disaster relief and other programs to detain immigrants and build a border wall. In fact, the Washington Post has reported that President Trump is planning to divert an extra $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year.

This February, the president will release his budget request for 2021. Through the budget and appropriations process, Congress has an opportunity to curb the administration’s abusive immigration practices.

Despite a well-documented history of inhumane detention practices, spending for detention and the border wall construction is at troublingly high levels. Unless Congress acts, the administration will further expand this deportation machinery. Congress should invest in humanitarian solutions and reassert good governance in this upcoming spending process.

Urge your member to demand accountability and limit the administration’s overspending on immigrant detention and border militarization in their next spending bill.

Update More Money for Detention and Border Wall Means More Abuse 

Despite obscene power grabs by the administration and increased human rights abuses, Congress voted to re-allocate historic highs for immigration enforcement.

Since President Trump signed the first harmful executive orders on immigration in January 2017, the FCNL network has urged Congress to stand in the way of these proposals by refusing to fund them. Together, we have built out bipartisan and multi-caucus support for Congress in support of this goal.

Hannah Graf Evans

  • Former Legislative Representative, Immigration and Refugee Policy

Hannah Graf Evans led FCNL's lobbying for compassionate immigration and refugee policies, with a particular focus on detention practices, the rights of border communities, and protection of vulnerable communities. Hannah served as co-chair of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition steering committee for three years.