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Stop New Nuclear Missiles

Reject funding for new “low-yield” and other warfighting nuclear weapons.

Ronald Reagan famously warned that, “A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.” In the the 35 years since Reagan’s statement, the world has made important but insufficient progress in reducing nuclear dangers. Now, the Trump Administration is arguing, without any credible evidence, that other countries may think they could prevail in a limited nuclear exchange. As a result, the administration is looking to build new “low-yield” nuclear warheads for sea- and ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles. That’s on top of existing plans for a decades-long, trillion dollar-plus rebuild of Cold War-holdover nuclear forces.

Any use of nuclear weapons is immoral and invites catastrophe. But increasing the role of still-massively destructive “low-yield” nuclear weapons is particularly dangerous. Senior national security voices such as former Secretary of Defense William Perry, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and former Senator Richard Lugar have cautioned that these “dangerous” weapons could send our country down a “slippery slope to nuclear war.” Because nuclear-armed adversaries would have no way of knowing whether an incoming missile carries a “low” or a massive opening nuclear strike, they would likely respond to the worst-case scenario.

We urge members of Congress to reject funding for new “low-yield” and other warfighting nuclear weapons.

  • Stop the “Low-Yield” Trident: Congress should not let the Navy field a new “low-yield” W76-2 Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile warhead.

  • Do Not Fund a Nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM): Putting nuclear warheads back on SLCMs would entail massive costs and risks sparking an arms race.

  • Do Not Build a Ground-Launched Cruise-Missile (GLCM): A new GLCM would violate a Cold War-ending arms control treaty while raising European tensions.

For further information, contact Anthony Wier, anthony@fcnl.org