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Stop Incarcerating Children and Separating Families

Reject legislation that expands family detention. Instead, increase oversight of immigration and border enforcement, cut funding for deportation and detention, and invest in community-based alternatives to detention.

The administration's cruel "zero-tolerance" border prosecution policy separated thousands of children from their parents this summer with no reunification plan. Hundreds of children remain separated from their families. The administration is also placing more families together in inhumane detention camps and trying to circumvent laws that protect children from indefinite incarceration.

Urge an end to 'zero-tolerance' border prosecution. Oppose child detention, with or without their parents.

  • Reject proposals to expand family detention. Allowing for children to be detained indefinitely with their parents is no solution. Children should neither be incarcerated, nor needlessly separated from a parent.
  • Reject increased spending on detention, deportation, and border militarization. Government spending should protect families and end unjust immigration and border policies. Increasing funds for detention, deportation and border militarization, will result in more immigrant families kept in detention.
  • Invest in non-restrictive, community-based alternatives to detention, the most appropriate response for families, children, and asylum seekers. Restore the Family Case Management Program (FCMP) which helped families navigate the legal system outside of restrictive custody.

FCNL Contact: Hannah Graf Evans, hannah@fcnl.org

Values-Driven Immigration Policy

The Friends Committee on National Legislation is led by the scriptural call to welcome the stranger. We seek congressional immigration reforms that recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of immigrants to ensure equity and justice for all.

Our nation's immigration policies should:

  • Keep families together
  • Bring accountability and community engagement to border policies
  • Create a path to lawful status and citizenship
  • Protect all workers, regardless of immigration status
  • Align immigration enforcement with humanitarian values
  • Preserve the human and civil rights of all immigrants
  • End mass incarceration of immigrants
  • Uphold international and U.S. law obligations to protect refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking