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Stop Fueling Unjust Deportation, Detention & Border Policies

There is a humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border: one of immigrant children separated from their parents and migrants dying as they seek refuge. There is a crisis of walls built through communities and of refugee families detained in camps on military bases. The Trump administration is now jailing more than 53,000 people in increasingly fatal conditions.

In response, the U.S. government continues to pour billions of additional dollars into the underlying machinery of detention that is jailing more families, separating more children, and worsening these crises. Congress needs to insist the U.S. abandon this failed approach. Instead, we are urging Congress to pursue true humanitarian assistance rooted in our values through a comprehensive shift away from detention and deportation.

As Congress makes FY20 funding decisions, it is imperative that they stop fueling cruel and ineffective immigration policies. Congress’ spending bills must instead:

  • Reject increased spending on detention, deportation, and border militarization. Government spending should protect families and end unjust immigration and border policies. Increased funds for enforcement tears families apart and leaves vulnerable children and individuals unprotected.

  • Expand oversight of existing enforcement policies and spending practices. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has overspent billions beyond what Congress allocated on sometimes fatal policies. Congress should rein in DHS authority to transfer money from other agencies to enact harmful enforcement.

  • Invest in non-restrictive, community-based alternatives to detention, rather than locking more people up. Case management programs support individuals navigating the legal system without jailing them. A pilot Family Case Management Program was 99 percent effective in helping people show up to hearings.

FCNL Contact: Hannah Graf Evans, hannah@fcnl.org

Values Driven Immigration Policy

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers) is led by the call to welcome the stranger and seeks congressional immigration reforms that recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of immigrants to ensure equity and justice for all.

Our nation’s immigration policies should:

  • Keep families together

  • Bring accountability and community engagement to border policies

  • Create a path to lawful status and citizenship

  • Protect all workers, regardless of immigration status

  • Align immigration enforcement with humanitarian values

  • Preserve the human and civil rights of all immigrants

  • End mass incarceration of immigrants

  • Uphold international and U.S. law obligations to protect refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking