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Stop a Nuclear War with North Korea

By Anthony Wier, Shoshana Abrams

As tensions rise between the U.S. and North Korea, FCNL is lobbying to defuse the most urgent risk of nuclear war in a generation.

Contact Congress

Cosponsor HR 4837/S 2047 to Prevent War with North Korea 

Congress must not allow President Trump to singlehandedly choose war for our country.

Congress must instead back the search for diplomatic solutions and reassert its constitutional role over a decision as momentous and far-reaching as choosing war against North Korea.

Take Action

1. Find out where your congressional representatives stand.

Has your senator signed onto S 2047 as a cosponsor? Has your representative signed onto HR 4837 as a cosponsor? These bills would ensure that President Trump cannot launch an unconstitutional strike on North Korea.

2. Lobby your members of Congress.

Download and print our legislative ask for in-person lobbying on North Korea.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor.

Write a letter to your local paper. Need inspiration? See where FCNL Advocacy Team members are getting published.

4. Learn about Advocacy Teams.

Advocacy Teams are Quakers and friends from across the country who use their power as constituents to change Washington's approach to North Korea this year.

Prepare to Lobby

Background Why We're Speaking Up on North Korea 

Hopes for diplomacy have grown, but the risks of war with North Korea remain all too real.

Background What We're Saying on North Korea 

See what FCNL staff are saying about the need for a diplomatic approach with North Korea.

Update What We're Reading on North Korea 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the constant stream of rapidly changing news about North Korea. However, we’ve assembled these articles to offer you important context and perspectives on the current crisis, demonstrating the consequences for choosing war and the opportunities possible with diplomacy.

Anthony Wier

  • Legislative Secretary, Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending

Anthony is our lead lobbyist and the director of FCNL's work on nuclear weapons policy and is the key team leader working on our efforts to rein in Pentagon spending. He is also responsible for maintaining FCNL’s Nuclear Calendar and for representing FCNL with the various coalitions that work on these issues.

Shoshana Abrams

  • National Field Organizer

As FCNL’s National Field Organizer, Shoshana Abrams is responsible for deepening and expanding our Advocacy Teams program, a network of hundreds of Quakers and friends lobbying to build congressional champions for peace and justice.