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Stand Up for Religious Freedom and Refugee Protection

By Yasmine Taeb, February 10, 2017

The recent executive order suspending refugee resettlement and barring the entry of individuals from seven Muslim‐majority countries goes against our core values of welcome, religious freedom, and assistance to those most in need. Congress should act to support legislation to rescind this executive order.

Our nation is stronger when we welcome refugees and immigrants.

Support refugees. Stop the Muslim ban.

Call Congress
  • Our nation has a strong, persistent tradition of welcoming refugees and people of all faiths. Several American colonies were originally founded as safe havens for people fleeing religious persecution, and the US welcomed almost a million refugees from Vietnam only 40 years ago.
  • The recent executive order on refugee resettlement and immigration violates the principle of religious freedom by giving preferential treatment to some religious groups over others. This is fundamentally un-American.
  • Members of both parties, including Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Charlie Dent, have roundly criticized its drafting and implementation. The executive order has led to the separation of families, the detention of children, and other harm to people who have fully complied with US law.
  • Despite its stated aims, this order does nothing to enhance our security, as the existence of a Muslim ban fuels radicalizing propaganda abroad.
  • This executive order puts vulnerable people’s lives at risk by forcing them to stay in life-threatening situations.

Yasmine Taeb

  • Legislative Director for Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Yasmine directs FCNL’s work on a number of human rights and civil liberties issues, including lobbying for increased resettlement of refugees, more transparency and oversight of the U.S. lethal drones program, calling for the closure of Guantanamo, and for the repeal of the 2001 AUMF, among other issues.