Spring Lobby Weekend Resources and Downloads

Access the resources, handouts, and downloads you will need to participate in Spring Lobby Weekend 2020.

Find resources to support your advocacy here. Looking for lobbying resources? Go to our Virtual Lobbying page.

Carbon Pricing PrinciplesCarbon Pricing Principles
Carbon pricing is a powerful tool that should be part of a broader suite of climate solutions. As the national dialogue on carbon pricing advances, these principles guide FCNL’s advocacy.
Bill AnalysisBill Analysis: The Climate Action Rebate Act of 2019 (S. 2284/H.R. 4051)
This bill provides a strong model for how revenue can be allocated to address the concerns of a number of vulnerable communities. We support the bill’s encouragement of U.S. participation in international efforts to address climate change along with such ambitious emissions reduction goals. While we ultimately believe that any carbon pricing bill must have bipartisan support to become law, this bill is an exciting advancement of the dialogue on climate solutions in Congress.
Letter to the EditorHow to Write an LTE
A letter to the editor enables your voice to be heard and motivates your member of Congress to act. Letters can reward a member of Congress for something good they have done or express your disapproval and urge them to change course. Elected officials often take notice when they are mentioned by name in a local paper.
2020 Voter Registration and QuestionsVoter 2020 Questions for Candidates
Climate change is a global problem that needs global solutions. We look for policies that recognize the impacts felt by vulnerable communities

Advocacy Corps flyerGet paid to lobby congress on immigration reform!
Advocacy Corps is a network of young people across the country working to move Congress to prioritize and pass immigration reform legislation.

Reflecting on Your Story

- A story that connects with your identity (e.g. as a young person, as a student, as a Quaker or person of faith, as a person of color, etc.)

- Connect climate change to your community or congressional district (e.g. my community has been affected by flooding, hurricanes, drought, etc.)

- A story that reflects the need to advocate at this moment (e.g. urgency, we only have 10 years to address the climate crisis in order to avoid catastrophic climate impacts. Responsibility, the least responsible are facing the brunt of climate impacts or as the greatest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States has a moral responsibility to address climate change.)

- A story that highlights the benefit of carbon pricing legislation.