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Save Iran Deal from Trump’s Sabotage

President Trump declared that he intends to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement if it is not renegotiated to his liking by May 12. Resist efforts by the Trump administration and some in Congress to sabotage it.

The Trump administration is threatening the Iran agreement, a landmark diplomatic achievement, by trying to change its terms. Congress should defend it.

  • The Iran nuclear agreement has already been working for two years to close off all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb. To fulfill Trump’s demands for new sanctions legislation, Congress would almost certainly directly violate the terms of the Iran deal, leading to its collapse.
  • U.S. intelligence, European countries and other U.S. negotiating partners, and IAEA reports continue to affirm Iran's compliance with the JCPOA. U.S. military and national security experts, including Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, have stated that staying in the JCPOA is in U.S. national security interests.
  • If the deal collapses, either by the U.S. pulling out of the deal or by provoking Iran to do so, the result will be an unchecked Iranian nuclear program and increased risk of war with Iran. We should build on the Iran deal's success, not destroy it.

FCNL Contact: Kate Gould, kate@fcnl.org