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Ruth Flower to Speak as Keynote at Annual Meeting 2018

November 28-December 2, 2018 in Washington, DC

We are thrilled that Ruth Flower, FCNL’s former associate executive secretary for legislative program, will be speaking our Quaker Public Policy Institute and Annual Meeting on Thursday evening November 29th. We hope you will be able to join us!

Ruth Flower

  • Annual Meeting 2018 Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Native American Policy

Ruth leads FCNL’s lobbying, education, and coalition work as our consultant on Native American issues. She leads a coalition of faith groups who lobby on issues such as funding for tribal schools, support for “healing” justice systems, protection of religious and cultural rights, and support for tribal governance authority.

As we mark FCNL’s 75th anniversary year, Ruth’s perspective on Friends’ advocacy, her experience as an advocate for economic justice, and her sense of FCNL’s work in the “bending of the moral arc of the universe towards justice” are especially resonant. She has a grounded sense of what it means to be a Quaker lobbyist – we encourage you to watch her QuakerSpeak interview to hear more.

Annual Meeting & Quaker Public Policy Institute

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Ruth’s work with FCNL began in 1981, when she joined the staff to lobby on domestic issues. After a decade with the American Association of University Professors, she rejoined the staff in 2006 to lead FCNL’s domestic lobbying team. Her leadership on lobbying and in coalitions has spanned issues from health care and federal budget priorities to immigration and the death penalty. In 2016, the Coalition on Human Needs honored Ruth at its Human Needs Hero Reception. Most recently, Ruth has worked with FCNL to launch the Native American Congressional Advocacy program.

At Annual Meeting this year, hundreds of Friends and like-minded advocates will be lobbying to protect programs, like SNAP, that can lift families out of poverty, Ruth’s words will inspire and challenge us to speak our stories and our truth.

We hope you will join us at Annual Meeting and the Quaker Public Policy Institute this year.