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Reject Increases in Pentagon Spending

Our faith leads us to question any rise in Pentagon spending. Our views on sound public policy lead us to urge Congress to reject any increases and support current legal limits on spending for defense.

Publicly oppose and vote against any increases in Pentagon spending.

  • Pentagon spending remains at or above $600 billion per year – a level nearly equal to real spending at the height of the Cold War.
  • A Washington Post investigation revealed a suppressed Pentagon report showing $125 billion in bureaucratic waste over five years. It is the only cabinet agency that is unable to audit its financials.
  • The budget proposed by the Trump administration would add $126 billion to the base Pentagon budget over the next five years, while cutting $497 billion from non-defense discretionary spending.
  • Budget caps in current law would require cuts in both defense and non-defense programs, but some leaders are calling for Congress to repeal the caps on the Pentagon while making drastic funding cuts to programs that serve low income families.

FCNL Contact: Anthony Wier, anthony@fcnl.org