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Reject Increases in Pentagon Spending

Before the end of 2017, Congress will make some of the most important, and potentially most dangerous, choices about budget priorities and spending that our country has seen in decades.

We are particularly worried by the House budget approved in October that would inflate Pentagon spending to $697 billion ($622 billion plus $75 billion for the Overseas Contingency Operations slush fund) and restrict all other discretionary spending to $523 billion

Please reject spending proposals that grow Pentagon spending or force cuts in diplomacy, development, and human needs.

  • The current $600-plus billion a year in Pentagon spending is at or above the levels of spending during Vietnam and the Cold War, and it is more than triple what China spends and six times what Russia spends.
  • The Pentagon still has not passed a full financial audit, and the Pentagon’s own internal study found $125 billion in bureaucratic waste over five years.
  • Programs that provide food, housing, and security for our communities at home face draconian cuts in 2018 unless Congress acts to substantially increase funding.
  • Every additional dollar that the U.S. spends on the Pentagon, including funding for the Overseas Contingency Operations slush fund, should be matched dollar-for-dollar with funding for non-defense discretionary spending on diplomacy, development, and vital human needs at home.

FCNL Contact: Anthony Wier, anthony@fcnl.org