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Reduce Pentagon Spending

Endless money fuels endless wars. Endless war drives runaway military spending. Congress and the Trump Administration have just agreed to spend $746 billion on the Pentagon and nuclear weapons for fiscal year 2020. That is more than $2 billion every day and $1 million every minute.

Even adjusted for inflation, the United States is now spending far more on its military than at the heights of the Vietnam War. In addition to being morally wrong, spending billions on weapons and war only breeds more violence and long-term insecurity.

Congress approved these increased budgets even after the Pentagon badly failed a second full financial audit that every other major federal agency has passed. Instead of rewarding the Pentagon with still more of the taxpayers’ billions, Congress should insist that the Pentagon decrease waste, improve accountability, and set priorities. Congress must insist on a new path—by beginning to roll back these outrageous, counterproductive budgets and holding the Pentagon accountable for the money it gets.

Congress should reject any further military spending increases and should repeal existing blank-check war authorizations.

  • End the blank check for war: Congress must debate and vote before the president commits the military to lethal action and should regularly evaluate and vote on whether to continue ongoing U.S. wars.
  • Demand accountability for Pentagon spending: Congress must insist that the Pentagon make better use of taxpayer dollars and successfully pass an audit—just like every other cabinet agency.
  • Oppose a new nuclear buildup: Ronald Reagan said that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought; Congress must cut back on the dangerous trillion-dollar-plus plan to expand the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

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