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Protect the Iran deal from sabotage

By Kate Gould, January 17, 2018

President Trump announced Friday that he will waive the sanctions required by the Iran nuclear agreement.

At the same time, he threatened to withdraw from the deal in four months if the agreement isn't radically altered, flagrantly rejecting the advice from diplomatic and nuclear experts around the world. Even this administration's Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis testified to Congress that the United States should stay in the agreement, absent clear Iranian violations of it.

The president is keeping the Iran deal on life support for now. But for the Iran deal to survive in the long-term, Congress must defend its future.

Will you urge all your members of Congress to do everything in their power to defend the Iran deal from those in the administration and Congress who are undermining it?

As nine consecutive reports from the UN nuclear watchdog have underscored, Iran is in full compliance with the deal. For two years, the Iran deal has worked to close off Iran’s pathways to the bomb and to guard against the risk of a catastrophic war against Iran.

But the Iran deal continues to be in grave jeopardy. President Trump has threatened to destroy the deal in May if Congress and the European Union don’t go along with his drastic ultimatums. Congress must hold firm to reject any legislation that would undermine the deal. Neither the Trump administration or Congress can dictate the terms for an international agreement—that is up to all the countries involved to decide, and the Iran deal has only been successful because Iran agreed to it and has adhered to it ever since.

Please tell your members of Congress to oppose any new legislation that would sabotage the Iran deal.

Undoubtedly your members of Congress will be hearing from those opposed to the deal in the wake of the president's announcement. That is why it is all the more important for them to hear from you today that they have a pro-peace, pro-diplomacy constituency.

Thank you for all you do for peace.

Kate Gould

  • Legislative Director, Middle East Policy

Kate Gould served as FCNL's Legislative Director for Middle East Policy. Kate was one of only a handful of registered lobbyists in Washington, D.C. working to advance human rights objectives and support diplomatic solutions to resolve disputes between the U.S. and Iran and the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Israel/Palestine.