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Protect the Iran Deal

Anti-diplomacy Senate sanctions legislation would undermine the Iran deal. Please oppose S. 722, which threatens the deal's success in guarding against a nuclear-armed Iran and another U.S. war in the Middle East.

Oppose S. 722, a sanctions bill that undermines the nuclear deal and risks war with Iran.

  • S. 722 would undermine the Iran deal: Overly broad sanctions would create a chilling effect on trade, discouraging companies from engaging in legitimate business transactions with Iran. Iran agreed to rigorous nuclear inspections and restrictions, cutting off all paths to a nuclear weapon, in exchange for economic benefits from sanctions relief. Licit trade-chilling sanctions therefore undermine the nuclear deal.
  • S. 722 increases the threat of war: The bill effectively designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)—an elite wing of Iran’s military—as a terrorist organization. U.S. military leaders have warned against this designation because it could shut down channels of communication with the IRGC, putting U.S. servicemen and women in greater danger in Iraq, Syria, and the Strait of Hormuz. Clashes between U.S. and Iranian forces would be more likely to spin out of control.

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