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Protect the Iran Deal

Congress is considering anti-diplomacy, saber-rattling sanctions that would undermine the Iran deal. Please oppose any legislation that would threaten the success of the deal in preventing a nuclear-armed Iran and another U.S. war in the Middle East.

Support the Iran deal and oppose anti-diplomacy sanctions.

  • Withdrawing from the Iran deal would mean ending the most rigorous nuclear inspection regime ever negotiated in history and allowing an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program, pushing the U.S. and Iran closer to confrontation.
  • Iran and other signatories to the Iran deal—the U.K., France, Russia, China, and Germany—have made it clear that there is no ‘better deal.’ They are urging all parties to the deal, including the United States, to adhere to their obligations under the deal.
  • Iran agreed to constrain its nuclear program, cutting off the path to a nuclear weapon, in exchange for sanctions relief. Re-imposing these sanctions, even under different auspices, would undermine the foundations of the nuclear deal.

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