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Policy Change Without Representation: DC Action Steps

By Chris Letts, February 15, 2017

For DC residents, influencing policy without congressional representation can be a challenge. Here's what you can do.

A person holds a sign that says This is What a Lobbyist Looks Like
  • Set up a meeting with Congress for friends visiting DC, or help them schedule one in their state
  • Bring FCNL's #LoveThyNeighbor materials to your meeting, church, or organization, or carry our signs at a protest
  • Have thoughtful dialogues about politics with people who aren't engaged or often disagree with you
  • When policies affect you personally, share your story with FCNL so we can bring it to congressional leadership (just email support@fcnl.org)
  • Drop off postcards from friends and family from your home state to their congressional offices in DC
  • Find a buddy in another state, and forward them action alerts from FCNL when it's important -- or encourage them to sign up at fcnl.org/join

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Chris Letts

  • Digital Communications Manager

Chris Letts manages FCNL's website and email advocacy program. In this capacity, she writes extensively for FCNL's digital presence and communicates with activists around the country. She led FCNL's 2016 website redesign. Chris is especially focused on leveraging technology make advanced constituent advocacy more accessible. She also writes This Week in the World, FCNL's weekly news digest.