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Our Ordinary Lives and Extraordinary Power

By Christine Ashley, October 21, 2016

As Friends, we choose to live in the ordinary and that ordinary is what we all have access to: God’s love. This ordinary is big and beautiful, and filled with hope. This ordinary is us.

By this definition of ordinary, our access to love and light and hope, and living this “ordinary” can give rise to extraordinary strength and power. This is how we choose to live, and live our faith in to the world.

David and Janice Hartsough have waged peace all of their lives and we welcomed their return to FCNL where David was a staffer, years ago!

“True Godliness doesn’t turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavors to mend it: not hide their candle under a bushel, but set it upon a table in a candlestick.” – William Penn, 1692

Friends answer the call to build peace in many ways, and we embrace this undertaking as part of our spiritual journey. Many Friends have dedicated their whole lives in putting their faith in to action, and have interwoven FCNL in to that lifework.

Fall Buffalo Monthly retreat focusing on Quakers and the political process!

As Friends, this choice of living in the light and in the Spirit allows us to see and grow our work in the world through a different lens where peace and the world we seek is a real possibility. We do not deny the terrible realities we face today, but we can face and address them using another narrative born of hope and peace. This narrative not only gives us the strength to act, but invites us to act, and I would go so far as to say, this narrative demands we act.

Sue and Dan May greet Friends from South Berwick ME and say "See you in November at Annual Meeting!"

We know the Spirit is in us and with us. We know that when we let our inward experience of the Light lead us, we can act with strength and with hope and with joy. The time is now and we are a unique people well-equipped to act in the world. What better time than now to practice our faith in action? What better time to join us?

Friends from Alaska Yearly Conference!

Christine Ashley

  • Quaker Field Secretary

Christine Ashley has the honor of nurturing and deepening FCNL’s relationships with Friends across the United States. In this role, Christine develops and sustains FCNL's engagement with individuals both within the Religious Society of Friends and with seekers for the Quaker way of living Faith in to action.