1. Background

Our Endowment Is Our Future

And you play an important role in both.

FCNL has a small endowment for an organization with our long history and depth of accomplishment. In 2007, an ad-hoc committee called the Futures working Group was gathered to “prayerfully envision FCNL’s future- to be inspired and also realistic.”

The committee’s charge was to answer such questions as, “How might FCNL envision its witness for the coming decades?” Central to the committee’s visioning was this statement on financial security:

“Donations to FCNL are often cyclical, rising with the public visibility of our central concerns. A healthy endowment can help smooth out the peaks and valleys to create a more sustainable organization that does not depend on heightened interest during times of stress….We believe we should be more proactive in.. increasing our endowments.”

We invite you to participate in funding our endowments in any of the following four areas:

Lifting Up Our Voices: Sustaining Our Lobbying

More and more advocates—Quakers and others—are being drawn to our effective practice of engaging our nation’s leaders. The Capital Campaign will help grow FCNL’s grassroots lobbying network.

Investing in Our Future: Young Adult Programming

Young adults are essential partners in FCNL’s vision for the future. The campaign is enabling FCNL to host our largest-ever Spring Lobby Weekend in 2016 and expand its new Advocacy Corps—young adults who receive intensive training in Washington and then advocate back home.

Diane Randall speaks
Diane Randall speaks

Experienced Friends: Our Friend in Washington Program

The campaign has revitalized the historic Friend in Washington Program, which brings seasoned Friends to Washington, DC, to lend their expertise on issues that matter to FCNL and the FCNL community.

Growing Our Presence: Expanding Our Footprint on Capitol Hill

With campaign support, FCNL will add a new Quaker Welcome Center to welcome more Friends to Capitol Hill, building on our legacy of witnessing for an Earth restored by creating a new green building.

Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele
Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele

[LEFT] Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele Emily Sajewski / FCNL