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Oppose the Senate Tax Bill

By Amelia Kegan, November 16, 2017

On November 16, the House passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for millionaires and big corporations that leaves the rest of the country footing the bill. This bill is moving at breakneck speed. Urge your senators to vote "no."

I'll be blunt: It's going to be tough to stop this. Unless we pull out all the stops, this bill could be law in the first week of December.

Senators need to hear from you that this tax plan is bad for your state and bad for our country.

The Senate bill is just as devastating, regressive, irresponsible policy as the House bill.

Not only will the Senate bill force a tax increase on everyone earning less than $75,000 on average and leave everyone earning between $20,000 and $30,000 with a 25 percent tax hike when fully implemented…

Not only will it balloon the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion over ten years, likely leading to future cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP (food stamps) education, scientific research, environmental protection, international conflict prevention, and all other federal programs…

Not only will it threaten your state’s budget by eliminating state and local income tax deductions, putting pressure on the state to cut services or increase sales tax…

Not only does it include unrelated health care changes that would lead to 13 million people becoming uninsured and millions more facing significant premium increases…

…But the vast benefits of this bill go overwhelmingly to large corporations and America’s wealthiest individuals—all at the expense of our communities and our country’s fiscal health! This legislation is moving extremely fast. We have to put the brakes on this irresponsible and unjust policy.

Senators need to hear immediate and overwhelming outrage about this bill. Email your senators today.

Background Resources from Emergency Conference Call: Tax Reform 

Recording and resources that FCNL Legislative Director Amelia Kegan and Executive Secretary Diane Randall highlighted in their November 22 conference call on the tax reform bill speeding through Congress.

Amelia Kegan

  • Legislative Director, Domestic Policy

Amelia Kegan leads the domestic policy team's work in analyzing legislation, advocating on Capitol Hill, and developing legislative strategy. Prior to coming to FCNL, Amelia worked at a variety of other national non-profits in D.C. and Chicago, focusing on federal budget, tax, and low-income policy.