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Oppose Corker-Cotton bill to undermine Iran deal

President Trump's disastrous decision to withhold certification to Congress on the Iran deal puts our country on a collision course that risks war with Iran. Congress should stabilize the deal, not undermine it with the Corker-Cotton legislation and other efforts that will pave the path for war. Congress must save the Iran deal and stand up for diplomacy.

Support the Iran deal and oppose Corker-Cotton bill to undermine it.

  • Withholding certification to Congress on the Iran deal jeopardizes its future, and Congress should take steps to stabilize it. U.S. military and national security experts, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, have stated that staying in the JCPOA is in U.S. national security interests.

  • The Corker-Cotton legislation would attempt to unilaterally re-negotiate the deal by extorting Iran and European allies to submit to conditions outside of the deal. This bill would undermine the Iran deal (JCPOA) and further escalate tensions with Iran.

  • U.S. intelligence, European allies, the IAEA, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff continue to affirm Iran's compliance with the JCPOA.

  • If the deal collapses, either by the U.S. pulling out of the deal or by provoking Iran to do so, the result will be an unchecked Iranian nuclear program and increased risk of war with Iran. We should build on the Iran deal's success, not destroy it.