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My Life-Changing Experience

By Sergio Mata-Cisneros , December 30, 2019

In 2016, I attended FCNL’s Spring Lobby Weekend. It was my first time in Washington, D.C., and I didn’t know what to expect.

That experience set a new direction for me. I learned I have a voice and can use it to advocate for my community. I learned I can put my faith into action, because I firmly believe that there is that of God in every person, including members of Congress.

I discovered my calling: to advocate for a world that promotes peace and equity, and to help young adults use their voices to lobby for change.

Since then, I’ve served as a member of FCNL’s 2016-17 Advocacy Corps, was an FCNL summer intern, and currently work at FCNL building our young adult advocacy network.

Looking ahead to 2020, I will be recruiting on campuses to encourage others to come to FCNL's Spring Lobby Weekend, which will focus on climate change. Attending this event during the 2020 election season is sure to inspire other young adults to find their voices and spark their love of lobbying, just as it did for me.

Your support helps make FCNL’s young adult advocacy possible, fueling the passion of new generations of advocates. Thank you for any gift you can offer today to continue FCNL’s work into 2020.

Event Spring Lobby Weekend  

Save the Date: March 20-23, 2021

At Spring Lobby Weekend 2020, hundreds of students, recent grads, Quakers, and young adults gather to learn and virtually lobby Congress.

Sergio Mata-Cisneros

  • Program Assistant, Young Adult Outreach

Sergio Mata-Cisneros is the Program Assistant for Young Adult Outreach. He works alongside FCNL's Advocacy Corps Coordinator, Larissa Gil Sanhueza. Together they’re building FCNL’s young adult network and advocacy throughout the country.