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Meet with Congress for the First Time

February 28-April 21

By Julia Neumann, February 10, 2017

Spend just 15 minutes a week learning the skills that will prepare you for effective advocacy. By the end of the online training (February 28-April 21), you’ll be ready to go on your first lobby visit with your member of Congress’s office.

Registration for the February-April training is now closed. Sign up to get notified about future trainings.

Every day, we at FCNL hear the same question from people around the country: “what can I do to change what’s happening in the world?” And, our 75 years on Capitol Hill have shown us the answer: you can lobby!

According to congressional staff, Constituent lobby visits are the most effective way to influence the policy decisions of members of Congress. If you’ve been calling your members of Congress’ offices and are ready to take the next step, this is your opportunity.

In this 8-week training, we will:

  • take you step-by-step through the scheduling process
  • provide you with the resources you need to lobby
  • answer your questions about the issue you're lobbying on
  • tell you all of our tips for a successful lobby visit

This training will be run via email for your convenience! In addition to the videos and training tools we send you, you’ll have access to additional support from FCNL staff. All you need is access to a computer, and an hour to meet with your member of Congress the week of April 17-21.

Last year, we sent almost 2000 people into their senators' and representative’s offices and they came out with incredible results: members became co-sponsors of bills, made statements of support for issues that previously weren’t on their radar, or changed their votes, all because of constituent advocacy.

FCNL will activate thousands more people this coming year, and we want you to get in on the ground floor. Sign up to get notified about future trainings.

Questions? Email Julia Neumann, Strategy Coordinator, at julia@fcnl.org

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Julia Neumann

  • Strategy Coordinator

Julia Neumann coordinates outreach to states that are particularly important to FCNL’s lobbying efforts, helps constituents develop their own relationships with their members of Congress, and helps the Strategic Advocacy and Legislative teams track and manage their data. Julia is FCNL's resident expert on scheduling lobby visits- last year, she helped FCNL's network schedule over 500, including those during the Quaker Public Policy Institute and Spring Lobby Weekend.